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3 September 2019

This is a kit from Authentic Models that is stated to be easy to build for ages 8 to 98. It's not clear what happens at the age of 99 to prevent continued construction, but I'll attempt to finish before then if possible.

According to Wikipedia, ships in bottles mainly date from 1860, possibly as a result of the introduction of mass-produced bottles with clearer glass. They were often a convenient pastime for bored and nimble-fingered sailors living in cramped quarters. They should also be suitable for those in roomier surroundings on land. We'll see.

The kit requires additional tools to be made, namely a bottle swab, reaching hook, reach-in-knife, bent knitting needle and miniature trestle. The knitting needle is to seat the clay that stands in for the sea.

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29 September 2019

Here is a stunning re-enactment of life aboard an ocean-faring clipper, filmed by my sister Ruth with stage-hand Keith and featuring my Dad's completed project. A real family production which shows what can be achieved on a relatively small budget.

Evocation of life on a clipper

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