Project Manager


Building a 2,354 piece LEGO model of NASA's space shuttle Discovery.

Completed May 2021

Building a simple guitar inspired by the BBC programme 'Cigar Box Blues'

Last updated 15 April 2021

Constructing a Chord CAL-K1 self-build guitar kit - finishing the solid alder body, attaching the maple neck, assembling the pickguard and finally fitting and tuning the strings.

Completed October 2020

Assembling a mechanical Vitascope kit

Completed January 2020

A book on the various cars I've had over the years, with a few diversions en route.

Completed June 2021

Constructing a cardboard pinhole camera from a kit

Last updated 2 December 2019

Another kit, this one lying untouched for over 10 years.

My Father had built one to such high standards that I was too intimidated to tackle mine!

Last updated 15 October 2019

Stripping down a 1928 Underwood Model 3 typewriter, and then cleaning, renovating and re-assembling the machine to working condition

Last updated 1 October 2019

Rebuilding and refurbishing a short wheel base Land Rover acquired from eBay as an abandoned project. Originally a 1969 diesel Series IIa it had been converted to a Series III petrol vehicle using a 1972 donor vehicle.

Completed August 2018